My Book of Nostalgia: Chapter 2: Teenhood

Chapter 2: Teenhood Perhaps one of the most exciting times in my retrocomputing journey was during teenhood. During this phase, tinkering and general discovery turned into applied knowledge. Merely using (and, in some cases, breaking!) computers turned to installing operating systems and building systems. I also discovered the World Wide Web and email. As my skills were recognized, […]

My Book of Nostalgia: Introduction and Chapter 1: Early Childhood

Introduction So, over the past several weeks I have spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY getting my Dell OptiPlex SX 270 sorted out. Happy to report that it is finally working properly and I’ll be showcasing that here in a few weeks on the channel. Of course, this begs the question: why did I invest so much into getting […]

Controlling Your Own (Content Creation) Destiny

So, for those who have seen this PSA video I made yesterday (, today’s topic is easy: it’s about being a content creator and being able to control your own destiny. In particular, I’m focused in on the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) as well as what it takes to have access to YouTube Community. To get access to […]

Where Have I Been?

I seemingly disappeared for a few weeks.. where have I been? Well, first and foremost, new channel videos have been released consistently (since there is a backlog), but I have been absent on other social media really. The truth of the matter is: I was battling COVID-19. After 2 weeks of being down for the count, I finally […]


I had an absolute blast doing a few livestreams this week. I was planning to work on some retro computers, so though “why not hook up a camera or two!” It was great to chat with folks who joined the stream, everyone who joined was super insightful, and now I have a few new ideas to try out! […]

The Strength of the Retro Community.. and Some Areas for Improvement

This week, I’ve been a little reflective on how great the retro community is! I have the privilege of interacting with several members of the community via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Patreon too! It’s great to see the projects that people are working on as well as to generally chat about retro technology. I love the feedback […]

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