My Book of Nostalgia: Chapter 6: Present-Day Nostalgia Part 3 โ€“ The Year 2021

At long last, we reach the present! I’ll talk briefly about how the collection has changed in the year 2021 thus far, and what we have been up to with RetroTech Chris. The collection has continued to both grow and shrink simultaneously in 2021. I’ve been sending some systems out the door to get into hands of other […]

My Book of Nostalgia: Chapter 5: Present-Day Nostalgia Part 2 โ€“ The Year 2020

Weโ€™re getting close to the end of the current-day story!  Letโ€™s have a look at the year 2020. One focus item for 2020 was getting CRT monitors for all computers in the basement.  I did a lot of driving around the DC area, but was able to finally accomplish this!  Also, pretty much all machines got memory, cache, […]

My Book of Nostalgia: Chapter 5: Present-Day Nostalgia Part 1 – The Year 2019

Well, here we are, we finally made it to the present day, the start of my retro computing hobby. Prior to this, my hobby-related time on weekends was pretty much spent on software projects here and there (more on those in the future!), but with this hobby, we’re now focused on hardware projects.. and retro software projects. Let’s […]