What’s in the Plans (Present and Future) at RetroTech Chris

Current Plans: At present, I’m working on some walkthrough videos for using legacy non SSL email clients in a “somewhat secure” fashion with modern email services (in this case, Gmail). Also, working on a video showcasing a NetWare 3.12 alternative called Mars NWE Future Plans: Oh my, where do I begin? I have a spreadsheet with around 70 […]

How We Started, Channel Growth, and What I Enjoy about RetroTechChris

Hi all, just a few thoughts on my mind this morning that I thought I would share with you regarding RetroTech Chris past, present, and future! Hope you like it. Where we started: The RetroTech Chris channel launched originally in May 2020 with some encouragement from some members of the community after I made a few walkthrough videos! […]

Welcome Everyone!

Hey everybody, Chris here again, welcome to… my… webpage! Glad you found us here on the web. I’ll be posting updates here periodically about retro technology and about the channel. As always, hope that you find the content interesting and I look forward to hearing from you!