Work/Life/Channel Balance Part 3: Channel!

Continuing my series on work/life/channel balance, this week we are going to talk about the channel!

So, as you have probably seen in past posts, RetroTech Chris is a time commitment. Before I started the channel, my quiet weekends were quiet! Now, they are a little busier with filming and editing. Couple that with the fact that I’m only two years into the hobby, and you can say that the way I spend my free time has changed!!

Of late, the commitment has been a little more than usual with a few out-of-town trips and working on getting a backlog of videos ready to go. But getting together with other YouTubers and channel viewers is a ton of fun!

One thing that has been nice about having a small channel is the interaction I can have with my viewers. Where possible, I try to take some time and help viewers solve problems (since tutorials are such a big part of what we do!). Mainly because I love to problem solve and I love to explore!

And, since this is what I enjoy, I get to decide what to focus on, and I love getting ideas from my viewing community.

So, ya, I think that in the end, I can say that the channel is a combination of work and leisure… or life!

That’s all for now, short and sweet. Next week, we’ll bring it all together!


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