Time for Tinkering (Plus Bonus Collab)!

As many can appreciate, a good part of the retro hobby involves tinkering! Lately, I have been spending more time tinkering and less time creating content, but that will change soon 🙂 With the DFW weekend trip (and a beach trip this weekend!), I’ve also had some busy (but insanely fun!) weekends too.

The great news? We’re weeks ahead on our production schedule, which has fueled this little break lately.

What retro tinkering have I done? No surprise here, I purchased a few vintage Compaq LTE laptops and got them up and running. One will be sent on its way today. I’ve also been looking to get my Compaq Presario 2100 up and running, and also set up my Wyse Vx0 thin client with Windows ’98 SE to help a member of the RetroTech Chris family do some troubleshooting.

Oh, I also have done some filming for other channels! This past week, RetroGameCouch released a video featuring the LTE 5000 series. He interviewed me for it! It was great fun to participate.

Next weekend, it’s going to be back to normal, and I will work to get my DFW meetup video out the door!


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