My Visit to the DFW Retro Computing Meetup

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time: I attended a DFW Retro Computing Meetup! Now, some folks may be aware of the fact that I’m located in the East Cost of the US, but I can say that was definitely not a deterrent!!

The meetup was held in Haltom City, TX in a building recently purchased by Mike Murray of The Geek Pub ( and was organized by The Obsolete Geek. The meetup was very successful with over 80 people in attendance during the 4 hour event. Everything from Altairs to Silicon Graphics to Franklin Ace to Tandys to Mac SE to IBM mainframes to Commander X16 were on display. It was an impressive showing and I will release a video very soon about the meetup!

Seeing all of the retro systems was great, but the highlight of the day was hanging out with amazing friends. The Obsolete Geek was a great host and took me to the best BBQ place in town! And several members of the DFW group are very good friends of mine, it was simply awesome to get together and see so many friends (and make new ones) after so many months in lockdown.

I also came back from the meetup with 8 new video ideas and finally brought my Compaq Presario 2200 home! We’ve never had a shortage of content on the channel, but I will be working on these videos in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for these!

With no offense to other retro groups, I must say, I think the DFW group may be the strongest group around when it comes to retro computing. Such amazing talent in the group, from notorious YouTubers (The Obsolete Geek, The Geek Pub, The 8 Bit Guy) to notorious retro project makers (TexElec, ProtoWeb, Commander X16). It’s all there and more. It’s truly a privilege to interact with such amazing retro tech giants as these.

Indeed it was truly a tremendous time.


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