Work/Life/Channel Balance Part 4: Bringing it all Together

So, the past three weeks we have talked about work, life and my YouTube channel and how they fit into the bigger picture of what I do. Today, I’ll offer a few pieces of advice that I have learned along the way as I have balanced the three. This will be short and sweet with four bullet points, here we go!

Chase What You Love: Decide what you enjoy in life and CHASE AFTER IT!! A new job? New life experiences? A new hobby you want to start? Don’t hold back, make plans TODAY to start pursuing what you love. And are there things in your life that you don’t like? Find a way to change those too.

Celebrate Success: Never downplay your professional accomplishments, your rich interpersonal relationships, or what you contribute back to the greater community as a part of your side projects or hobbies. I take some time to reflect every weekend on how the previous week went, and I spend time looking for the good things. I suggest you do the same.

Focus on What’s Important: There’s an old saying that “the enemy of the best is the good.” Work to keep focus on what’s most important to you, and keep in mind it’s ok to say “no.” Don’t burn yourself out trying to do too much. This is a hard lesson I’ve had to learn… and might still be learning!

Keep Everything in Balance: This may be the greatest challenge of all, and there is a time and season for everything, but work to keep things in balance. Make the needed adjustments to make sure you are getting what you want out of life and that you don’t get overwhelmed or burn out.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on bringing it all together, it will mean different things to different people. What resonates the most with you?


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