Summertime and Channel Videos!

It’s summertime! That means that the weather is nice and vacations are abundant 🙂 Since those vacations tend to occupy weekends, and weekends are when I make videos, I’ve been working to create a backlog of videos so that I can keep up with that one video per week release cadence that has become a channel trademark. So far so good and I am several weeks ahead, so the content will continue to flow!

One thing that’s been top of mind is to release videos in the order where they are produced if at all possible. I’ve found this to be important because, especially in my case, I learn as I go, and releasing out of order can looking like a degradation in video quality!

In any event, this summer’s videos will be a bit all over the map as usual, with some tutorials, some hardware tours, and a demo of some original software that I have written as well to bring even more utility to MS-DOS. We will wrap the summer up with a few #SepTandy videos, and will see where we go from there.

Anyway, I hope that you are enjoying the summer season, wherever you are. It’s my favorite time of year, it’s super nice to walk outside in the warm weather and bask in the sun a bit!


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