My Book of Nostalgia: Chapter 6: Present-Day Nostalgia Part 3 – The Year 2021

At long last, we reach the present! I’ll talk briefly about how the collection has changed in the year 2021 thus far, and what we have been up to with RetroTech Chris.

The collection has continued to both grow and shrink simultaneously in 2021. I’ve been sending some systems out the door to get into hands of other collectors who will enjoy them, with the added benefit of slimming things down here a bit. I have purchased some additional Compaq laptops, some new peripherals (i.e. additional Xircom and Cisco network cards), some Zip drive hardware, and of course a few motherboards… one for the Dell Optiplex SX270 and one 386SX-16 motherboard 🙂 I haven’t purchased any new desktop systems… indeed I have the room for them here, but I feel I have over collected! The focus of late: sending “duplicate model” Compaq laptops, unused peripherals, and unused desktops to members of the retro community.

The YouTube channel has continued to grow in 2021, and the focus has been on conducting “retro experiments” where I can try things out and share what I learn with the community… and make videos that will hopefully help others in the future who stumble across them. We’ve explored IBM ICLAS, networking concepts, component performance, and… of course, Compaqs! The engineer in me likes to explore and try new workflows, so that will always be a theme on the channel. Numbers aren’t particularly important to me, but we are getting closer to our 100th video and 1000th subscriber, and have also grown in forms of a Twitter and Instagram following. I forgot to mention this last chapter, but I enjoyed doing my first collab late last year, and it’s probably time to do some more!

Well, that’s the story for now, I hope you enjoyed it. Once more, I encourage you to write down your nostalgic experiences and share them with others! As history continues to be made for RetroTech Chris, you can follow right along here on with the weekly posts as well as for future chapters in My Book of Nostalgia. Thanks for reading!


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