What’s next?

Now, THIS is a very good question actually! At last check, there were 85 video ideas in the ideas list, and 7 videos created and scheduled for release. So, what’s next? Let’s start with what has been produced!

  • Legacy email sever and application walkthroughs (two part series)
  • Novell 3.12 emulator
  • IBM Thinkpad T30 tour
  • Compaq LTE 5000 differences video
  • Home automation with a twist (I won’t say more than this!)
  • Zip drive extravaganza

As for what is in the idea log, it ranges from my ideas to ideas of others. Top of mind is making a video to showcase my new serial to WiFi modem (I have two of them now!) and showcasing the thin clients that I have in the closet (would love to show them… and then donate them to someone, the closet space is filling up!). I’d also love to do a video about push notifications in MS-DOS 🙂

So, we will see what gets made next. I may just take the weekend off too… I’m about due for a break!


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