LTE 5000 Series Spring Cleaning

This week at RetroTech Chris, we’ve been focused on LTE 5000 series Spring Cleaning! We’ve done several things

  • Repaired three broken LTE 5000 series
    • Billy Coore from The Nostalgia Mall’s LTE 5100
    • My “old” LTE 5280 (processor card and CF card failures)
    • My “new” LTE 5280 (bad mouse pointer and exhaust fan)
  • Installed Windows ’95 on several LTE 5000 series
    • The end result: All LTE 5000 systems that I own have both Windows 3.11 and Windows ’95 installed
  • Tested each one of the 12 LTE 5000 series that I have
    • Well, technically I have 13, but the 13th one will be placed with a friend before too long
    • And, also, another one of the remaining 12 will also be embarking on a journey soon 🙂

So, yeah, the fleet is in tip-top shape and I am happy to report that everything is working well!!


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