Making Peace With A Nemesis Retro Computer

So, I did a thing: I bought a 386SX/16 CPU and motherboard. Growing up, I had a HP Vectra QS/16S. It was soooo slooow and I so wanted to get a better faster computer. I loathed that machine. So, I figured the thing to do is to make peace with the past, so I bought a Mylex motherboard that I’ll be making a video on soon. So far it has been nothing but trouble: it won’t run the version of memtest86+ that I normally use, it won’t boot up off of the IDE controller out of my 486DX2/66, and I found that you can’t mix memory capacities, so I just ordered eight 1MB 30 pin SIMMS. We will see if this machine is as bad as I remember. From there, we can decide what I should do with it. Make it a proper PC build? Put it on the shelf? We will see!


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