How We Started, Channel Growth, and What I Enjoy about RetroTechChris

Hi all, just a few thoughts on my mind this morning that I thought I would share with you regarding RetroTech Chris past, present, and future! Hope you like it.

Where we started: The RetroTech Chris channel launched originally in May 2020 with some encouragement from some members of the community after I made a few walkthrough videos! From there, I’ve continued to receive encouragement through my fans and friends!! And since August, I’ve strived to have a weekly release cadence (some times more often!)

How the channel has been growing: Over the channel history, there have been a few significant events that have helped boost subscriber-ship, but really that hasn’t been the primary focus of the channel: my focus is all about sharing things I find interesting with others! In any event, my unofficial participation in #SepTandy and particularly the #DOScemer helped get us noticed.

My favorite part about having the channel: So, I really have two favorite parts, hopefully that is ok 🙂

First, and foremost, I LOVE all of the interactions I have had…. I have met so many new people and shared ideas… and in a few cases, I’ve been able to help people promote some of their projects, which has been very exciting! In my personal and professional life, I’ve always enjoyed connecting, helping, and assisting.

Second, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE offering information that is helpful to the retro community. Whether it’s trying new things or providing procedures that help people get into retro computing, or just entertaining, this is something I have always loved to do.


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