What’s in the Plans (Present and Future) at RetroTech Chris

Current Plans: At present, I’m working on some walkthrough videos for using legacy non SSL email clients in a “somewhat secure” fashion with modern email services (in this case, Gmail). Also, working on a video showcasing a NetWare 3.12 alternative called Mars NWE

Future Plans: Oh my, where do I begin? I have a spreadsheet with around 70 video ideas… and I find that almost every time that I make a video, I come up with another video idea as a follow up! But, I think next on the docket will be: using popular chat programs in MS-DOS, more thin client videos with legacy operating systems (i.e. Windows 95/98) and some more videos featuring my serial to WiFi modem from The Old Net!

And from there, we’ll see where we head next! With a planned release cadence of a video a week, we won’t be running out of content ideas any time soon… or ever for that matter 🙂


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