Bringing it All Together

So, when it comes to technology, one thing I have always loved to do is to integrate different systems together! And being involved in the software development discipline, this is something that is actually really easy to do. Hence, a lot of what you see on the YouTube channel will be focused just on that: bringing things together that you might not otherwise expect! Some examples

  • Sending text message from IRC chat in MS-DOS
  • Opening and closing the garage door from IRC chat
  • Aggregating online stock quotes to an offline database
  • Recording sound level samples from nearby airport traffic and generating reports
  • Aggregating call and text message data from landline and cellular phones to a central server
  • Sending push notifications to my Android phone whenever my subscriber count changes
  • Installing and configuring a very old operating system on a more modern computer

These are just a few example of the projects I have tackled in real life or on the channel. And what I love most about software integrations: it takes very little or no new hardware to accomplish them! As such, the only cost is usually just my time to implement them. And with the advent of the Raspberry Pi, you can actually capture a lot of computing power in a very small package. More on that in a future post 🙂


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