Murphy’s Law of Making Videos

Today, I’m working on a new video which is a walkthrough on installing Windows 98 on an HP thin client. And I am experiencing a strong dose of Murphy’s Law: if it can go wrong, it will!

First challenge has been my screen recording software was flaky… fortunately a reboot fixed that.

Second problem, I forgot to hit “capture” when capturing video from the thin client!

Third problem, I went to upgrade the DOM (basically the “HDD”) in the thin client, and put in a DOM that was TOO SMALL. I went to swap it with a bigger DOM and ended up bending some pins.

Fourth problem, the house has been a bit noisy, so I have had to start and stop a few times.

And finally, trying to download some driver files from websites has proven problematic today!

I figured this week was going to be “doing a quick retro tour on how to set up a thin client,” and then we’d be all set. Boy was I wrong!!!

I’m going to press the reset button, try again, and hopefully things will improve!!!


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