My Book of Nostalgia: Chapter 6: Present-Day Nostalgia Part 3 โ€“ The Year 2021

At long last, we reach the present! I’ll talk briefly about how the collection has changed in the year 2021 thus far, and what we have been up to with RetroTech Chris. The collection has continued to both grow and shrink simultaneously in 2021. I’ve been sending some systems out the door to get into hands of other […]

My Book of Nostalgia: Chapter 5: Present-Day Nostalgia Part 2 โ€“ The Year 2020

Weโ€™re getting close to the end of the current-day story!  Letโ€™s have a look at the year 2020. One focus item for 2020 was getting CRT monitors for all computers in the basement.  I did a lot of driving around the DC area, but was able to finally accomplish this!  Also, pretty much all machines got memory, cache, […]

My Book of Nostalgia: Chapter 5: Present-Day Nostalgia Part 1 – The Year 2019

Well, here we are, we finally made it to the present day, the start of my retro computing hobby. Prior to this, my hobby-related time on weekends was pretty much spent on software projects here and there (more on those in the future!), but with this hobby, we’re now focused on hardware projects.. and retro software projects. Let’s […]

My Book of Nostalgia: Chapter 4: Early Marriage/Career/Parenthood

At long last, 4.5 years after starting college (I did switch majors, to a MUCH harder major which took me longer to finish), I graduated and we moved to Missouri! As an aside, I actually graduated during a recession and many people who didn’t have jobs yet simply continued their studies, but I was optimistic that I would […]

My Book of Nostalgia: Chapter 2: Teenhood

Chapter 2: Teenhood Perhaps one of the most exciting times in my retrocomputing journey was during teenhood. During this phase, tinkering and general discovery turned into applied knowledge. Merely using (and, in some cases, breaking!) computers turned to installing operating systems and building systems. I also discovered the World Wide Web and email. As my skills were recognized, […]

My Book of Nostalgia: Introduction and Chapter 1: Early Childhood

Introduction So, over the past several weeks I have spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY getting my Dell OptiPlex SX 270 sorted out. Happy to report that it is finally working properly and I’ll be showcasing that here in a few weeks on the channel. Of course, this begs the question: why did I invest so much into getting […]

Controlling Your Own (Content Creation) Destiny

So, for those who have seen this PSA video I made yesterday (, today’s topic is easy: it’s about being a content creator and being able to control your own destiny. In particular, I’m focused in on the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) as well as what it takes to have access to YouTube Community. To get access to […]