Channel Milestone: 1000 Subscribers

Well, after 14 months or so, the channel finally hit a milestone: 1000 subscribers! I’m not really focused on numbers, just find it fun to share what interests me with others. It does have me thinking a little bit about the content I release, and how to best describe it to others. I think if I had to describe it, I’d say “it’s a mix between looking at old hardware (RetroTours), looking at common and different software setups/workflows (RetroTutorials), and whatever I find interesting!” I think I’ll make a channel trailer to describe that 🙂

Something else I said I would do at 1000 subs: buy a better camera for filming. I think I’m going to hold off a little longer on this, but we’ll see 🙂

Thanks to all who have subbed and support the channel. To me, you are all family. See you online!


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